Digital radio receivers

Over 65 million DAB receivers have been sold around the world, from ultra-portable pocket radios, to premium home audio products and DAB head units for the car. 

With prices starting at just €18 or €50 for a receiver with a colour screen, there’s an option for every budget and all of the major consumer electronics brands offer DAB receivers. To see a list of the brands click here. 

DAB receivers offer easy tuning by station name, with additional services including the broadcast of images with station branding, album covers, competitions or advertising.  

Receivers come in a variety of styles, prices and with a mix of features:

  • DAB adapters for existing audio equipment
  • Premium-quality DAB receivers for serious audiophiles 
  • Designer-inspired receivers to complement any home 
  • Clock radios and docker radios enabled by increased processing capabilities
  • Ultra portables and handheld digital radios enabled by the reduction in power consumption and size
DAB Receivers